Wineglass Ranch is a diversified family-owned ranch located in northern Alberta's beautiful Peace Country, just 15 minutes from the Town of Peace River, Alberta.

Judy Bowcott & Ken Herlinveaux along with their children, produce the hay and green-feed needed to organically raise cattle and horses on their 4,000 acres ranch. All livestock is humanly raised in a healthy and reduced stress environment. The ranch produces 740 acres of grass seed.

Wineglass Ranch owns and operates a farm-scale, bio-fuel crushing plant, which cold presses non-food grade oil seed into fuel for all their diesel engines. The meal bi-product is fed to livestock. Using oil seed for fuel provides a renewable, environmentally friendly and self-sufficient fuel source.

Wineglass Ranch is a registered producer with Verified Beef Production, Canada’s Beef On-Farm Food Safety Program, and have a completed Environmental Farm Plan. In 2007 Wineglass Ranch was awarded the Farm Family of the Year at Northland Parks Farm Fair in Edmonton, Alberta.


To be good stewards of the land, air and water. To enjoy the quality of life that combining renewable energy, organic, and natural management practices bring to our ranch. To live a healthy life, with purpose, and joy.


To produce high quality meat and crops, while being a profitable, self-sustaining, environmentally responsible ranch for future generations.